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At Gus Paul Pools, we understand that choosing a swimming pool contractor is a very important decision. We know there are many swimming pool dealers out there which is why we believe when you hire a swimming pool company to build, or service your custom swimming pool, you should know what that company is all about.
Gus Paul, started Gus Paul Pools Inc. in 1988 with a little more than a dollar and a dream. He had spent his previous ten years in the pool repair business which provided him amazing insight into the world of swimming pool designs and installation. While Gus saw some custom swimming pools he liked, he saw many more in ground swimming pools that needed improving. Gus believed he could build better swimming pools, and a better overall pool company. Gus Paul Pools consistent year-after-year growth on Long Island proves he was right. Strong testimonials, quality of work, and the way we approach our business are three reasons why we should be your swimming pool contractor.

Affordability with custom style, premium quality, proven reliability and customer care, exceptional craftsmanship and the most effective technology — that is what you can expect from Gus Paul Pools. The best swimming pool designers and contractors. It’s why we’re unmatched for overall value.